Puppy Harness & Lead Set




For all those little excitable pup tuggers; here’s something a little funkier, comfier and functional…

Puppy Harness and Lead Set…
Bright and Colouful, with a little more razzmatazz than plain puppy and small dog harnesses!

Colourful, Comfortable and Functional
Our puppy and small dog harness helps your dog look a little funkier, while providing comfort and functionality. The puppy harness set can be easily adjusted according to the growth of your puppy.

For Those Excitable Pups
Our puppy, small dog harness can help walk training, especially for those excitable pups who like to pull the lead. The puppy, small dog harness works by converting your pup’s forward movement into an upward lift. Without a struggle, puppies simply stop tugging, instant result!

Over our Heads
The puppy, small dog harness can also help those dogs that dislike anything being pulled over their head, with large or sensitive ears or even following surgery.

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