Ancol Kennel 5 Dog Cologne


Size:  100ml

Ancol Kennel 5 Dog Cologne 
Classy canines are the perfect match for the sweet and mysterious Kennel 5 dog Cologne from Ancol. A bouquet of uplifting floral scents in a bottle, Kennel 5 dog Cologne gives your dog instant sophistication and makes them smell divine. Kennel 5 dog Cologne deodorizes and masks smells on your dog's coat, leaving a beautiful and fresh scent. Designed to be used after a bath or anytime in between, the formula features gentle chamomile to soothe the skin. This convenient cologne simply spritzes onto your dog to make them instantly smell their best. The Ancol Cologne range has been developed with high-quality perfumes to ensure a strong and long-lasting scent. 
Do not spray this cologne directly at your dog's eyes, nose, mouth or ears. 

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