Double Sided Dog Brush



Double Sided Dog Brush

Soft Protection Grooming Double Sided Brush with ergonomic hand grip

• Brushing your dog distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny healthy coat
• Brush with long strokes in direction of hair growth

Dual Purpose dog Brush – Short/Medium/Long Coats
These unique double sided dog brushes available in Small, Medium and Large have stainless steel pins - this prevents rusting and encourages natural oils promoting a shiny healthy coat.

Pin Brush
Pin side breaks up the dogs coat, removing loose hair and debris.

Bristle Brush
Bristle side gives that finishing touch to the coat

Ergonomic Thumb Grip
All products have a distinctive ergonomic thumb grip allowing the groomer comfort and ease of use whilst grooming their pet.

Helpful Grooming Tips:
Stand your dog on a mat or groom outside.
Ensure you and your dog are comfortable and relaxed before commencing grooming.
Regular grooming should be an enjoyable experience for pet and owner.

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