Tips On Keeping Your Dog Clean!

As much as we enjoy our dogs they can get quite messy which results in us cleaning up after them but there are steps you can take in order to reduce mess and improve the general health of your dog while you're at it.

The first part to keeping your pets clean is obvious. Clean them! Bathing your dogs is the best way to keep them clean however you shouldn't bathe them too frequently as this can result in dry skin due to natural oils being being washed away. It is recommended to bathe your dog once a month with special dog shampoo too clean them without damaging their skin or coat. You should also bathe them if your pet gets especially dirty however do be wary not to bathe them too often!

Another thing you should do to maintain their hygiene is brushing, your pet may even enjoy this one! Regular grooming will help reduce shedding and get rid of loose fur. Grooming can make for a good bonding time between you and your pet as well, it's a win-win for both of you!

Of course if you can avoid them getting messy in the first place that's great! Don't limit your dog's time outside in an attempt to do this as they need their exercise but rather keep the house clean. Spending a small amount of time everyday to clean around the house will help reduce the dirt and dust that gets in your dogs fur without harming their exercise routine. Try your best to keep any mess they pick up while outside out of the house as well, this can be done numerous ways such as rinsing them down before they come in.

The cleanup can be a pain but it's worth it. And if cleaning isn't your thing yet you wish to wash your dog we here at Animal World UK offer a self-service pet wash, you clean the dog and we clean the post-wash mess including that pesky loose fur!

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