Reptile Care with Komodo!

More and more people are starting to provide homes for Reptiles and like any pet, they need proper care. Komodo provide everything you could ever need to take care if your new reptile.

Komodo supply all sorts of homes and accessories that will make your reptile feel at home and natural. From feeling bows to housing to heating, they've got it all!

If you're looking for a habitat to keep your little lizards in then be sure to check out Komodo's range of habitat containers which come in a great selection of shapes and sizes.

Don't leave the habitat bland either, check out Komodo's range of decor to spice up their homes and keep them entertained!

Keep them at a natural temperature with Komodo's range of heating and basking lights and stands. 

Komodo also supply a whore range of foods as well! From treats to supplements, Komodo has a great range to keep your reptiles fed and happy.

Komodo also do plenty of supply for tortoises as well. From housing to feeding, they have a selection that is sure to satisfy you and your tortoise!

Komodo also offer starter sets. Don't know what you need when it comes to caring for them? Don't worry as Komodo's "Reptile kits" supply the perfect start for your reptile!

Be sure to come on down to Animal World UK and check out our range of in-store Komodo products or check out our website:

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