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As pet owners we must understand that our dogs and cats can run into all sorts of issues and we as pet owners are responsible for their care. Thankfully the people over at Johnson's Veterinary Products have a useful range of products that can help out pets in all sorts of ways!

If you've owned a dog or a cat you're probably familiar with the pests that are fleas. Johnson's offer tablets and spot-ons for all sizes of dog and cat to help you avoid having to deal with them pesky fleas. They also offer a household spray to help free your beds from their grasp!

Another common issue that you should take regular action against is worms. It is recommended that you worm your dog or cat 4 times a year, every 3 months. Johnson's also offer a worming treatment for your pets.

Johnson's also offer an array of supplements to aid your dog such as calcium tablets which is helpful for growing dogs and lactating females.

Garlic Tablets help against general illness as garlic is a natural internal cleanser.

Evening Primrose Tablets Oils are rich in essential fatty acids which are good to build and maintain a healthy coat and skin and helps alleviate dry and irritated skin and any allergy caused skin problems.

Cod livery oil capsules are rich in vitamins A, D and E and helps your dog in many ways, from a healthier coat and fur to stronger bones, teeth and joints.

Johnson's Veterinary Products offer far more as well, from Tea Tree skin calm to deodorant sprays to travel calmers, be sure to check out their website to see what they offer over at:

And be sure to check out the JVP products we offer in stores and online at:


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