How Do You Care For Your New Puppy?

Despite how adorable puppies can be, taking care of them can be a pain if you don't know what you need to do. How do you care for them? What do you need to buy for them? What food do you feed them? So many questions and we've got the answers.

Firstly ensure that you have a safe area for the puppy to stay. You need to give them space and allow them time to get used to their new surrounds so don't worry if they seem shy at first, soon they'll come out of their shell.

One of your top priorities should be a trip to the vet to set up vaccination plans and discuss when you should neuter or spay your dog. While on the topic you should do some research into signs of illness or other issues. The faster you act if any problems arise, the better.

Next up is food. What should you feed your puppy? While your puppy is growing they need more energy than a fully grown dog. Puppy food contains more protein than regular food and so it's essential for a growing puppy to eat puppy food as opposed to regular food until they're around 9-12 months old, depending on the breed of dog. The puppy's diet during this phase is critical, so be sure to get quality puppy food. Here at Animal World UK we have our own selection of puppy food you can check out as well! 

Another important part of caring for a new puppy, and arguably the most challenging, is training them. You should want to have your puppy house trained as early as possible. To achieve this you should try and get them into a routine and use positive reinforcement, such as the use of training treats, to show them when they're doing something right. However don't punish them for accidents, they're only a puppy!

You will want to keep your puppy as happy as possible, so make sure to clear some time to play with them, but don't let them chew the house to bits! You should also try to teach them to be sociable. If you bring them up around other people and animals and teach them good manners then you can set them up for life when it comes to good social interaction.

There are numerous items that you can purchase to make bringing up your puppy easier including training pads, training treats and toys. We have a great selection of puppy necessities in our stores and available for online order:

Have fun!

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