Helping Your Dog Cope With The Heat!

Some like the heat, others dislike it but everyone should be careful during hot summer days, especially our dogs. There's two important things you need to consider for your dog during hot days: That they're hydrated and that they're not overheating.

Make sure you have a filled water bowl near your pet at all times to avoid dehydration. In some cases a special drink may be useful. Oralade Hydrate+is a useful hydration for dogs that can help them during this weather.

Keeping cool can be the hardest thing for dogs due to their coats but there are multiple products available to assist them. Hatchwell's Rock Sulphur can he used in dogs drinking water and will help regulate their body heat.

Additionally Trixie have plenty of cooling products for all dogs including cooling coats and bandanas which you wet and put on your dog, they will keep in the water and keep them cool.

They also have cooling mats available, place them in a fridge/freezer and once they're nice and cold your dog can use them as a bed, the gel inside the mat will keep in the cold for long periods of time.

All these products are available in-store.

Keeping an eye on our pets is important during this time of year, if your dog starts acting up be sure to take immediate action and consult with your vet.

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