Fish Care With SuperFish

There are many tools you can use when it comes to caring for pond, freshwater and marine fish and SuperFish have plenty of products to help you.

They provide various filter pads that will help clear the water from a varity of harmful substances that may be plagueing your fish water.

Carbon Pads contain activated filter carbon that absorbs colouration and harmful substances. Ammonia Pads help to neutralizes toxic ammonia. Nitrate Pads help neutrilese nitrite (NO2) and Nitrate (NO3). Phos Pads help reduce phosphate levels and prevents algae growth. Micro Pads are suitable for every type of filter and helps remove fine dirt particles from the water. All these pads can be easily cut to an appropriate size for any filtration system.

SuperFish also supply a regular filter wool for both aquaium filters (The white wool) and pond filters (The green wool). This filter wool is ideal for removing dirt particles and other contaminents.

SuperFish also provide their own filters. The Aqua-Flow filtershave easy to clean and swap internal filters in a varity to suit all sized aquariums. They also supply their Air-Flow air pumps for oxygen enriched water.

Regular cleaning and filter catridge replacements are also key in maintaining a suitable enviroment for your fish no matter what kind so be sure to clean the filter and filter sponge as well as the water container itself. If the water gets too dirty then it's recommended you replace it with some clean, treated water.

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