Feldy's Golden Food Balls

Looking for wild bird feed that provides all the necessary nutrition? An alternative to your traditional fat balls? Look no further than Feldy's Food Balls!

Feldy make their food balls out of the best locally sourced ingredients to provide the wild birds in your garden with the best. They're ideal for hanging, ground placement or use with bird tables and feeders.

If you're looking to attract new wild birds into your garden then these food balls should do the trick. Other than being one of the most nutritional bird foods available, they're one of the nicest looking, which counts for more than you would think with wild birds. The golden look helps attract more birds and the contents will keep them coming back for more!

Be sure to check out Feldy's Food Balls available in out Formby store now at: Three Tuns Lane, Formby L37 4AJ. And be sure to check out other Feldy's products over at their website: http://feldyfare.com/producta/

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