Antler Chews For Dogs!

Looking for something to let your dog chew on? Something long lasting? You might be interested in antler dog chews.

What makes antlers such good chews? Well for starters they're completely natural and packed with minerals and nutrients that are great for your dog. Your dog can leave them an come back to them months later and they will still be in great condition as well so you don't have to worry about them going off.

Antlers can be chewed, carried, licked, played with, anything your dog wants to do with it and with the taste and texture of them puppies and elder dogs will love them. A little bonus for us as well is they're odorless.

Antlers are a great chew to keep them busy for months as well as providing minerals to improve bone, tendons, joints, muscle and more.

It's recommended that you give them the antler under supervision an that you take it away once it gets small enough that they may be able to swallow it. The material it's made of is harder than regular bone so splintering is unlikely but you should always be careful and monitor your dog.

Be sure to check out our range of antler dog chews at Animal World UK, Formby.

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